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3DCarousel V2Discover new possibilities for creating fantastic image galleries and product presentations with Version 2 of the 3D Carousel.06.01.00
3DGallery V2Create galleries, product presentations or other active contents in precision quality, and surprise your visitors with unique 3D effects.06.02.00
40Fingers Mollie iDEALgateway40Fingers Mollie iDEALgateway for NB_Store01.01.00
Account RegistrationAllow users to create membership in the site.07.00.01
Active ForumsActive Forums - Forum module for DotNetNuke05.00.01
AnnouncementsThis module renders a list of announcements. Each announcement includes title, text and a "read more" link.04.00.03
AuthenticationAllows users to login to the portal.07.01.00
BannersBanner advertising is managed through the Vendors module in the Admin tab. You can select the number of banners to display as well as the banner type.07.01.00
BlogBlog Module for DotNetNuke04.01.01
BMITrackerBMI (body mass index) Tracker is a simple and easy to use module to help your visitors monitor and keep track of their BMI value.02.04.00
Bulk User ManagerThe Bulk User Manager module allows importing and exporting of users from DotNetNuke portals. This module can import large numbers of users via a background process that removes the need to wait for the results to appear on the screen.03.03.54
CKEditor Config ManagerConfiguration Manager for the CKEditor Editor Provider02.01.03
CommerceDotNetNuke Corporation Commerce module07.02.00
ConsoleDisplay children pages as icon links for navigation.07.01.00
ContactsThis module renders contact information for a group of people, for example a project team. Contacts includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the Contacts data stored in the database.03.01.00
DDR MenuDotNetNuke Navigation Provider.07.04.01
Digital Asset ManagementDotNetNuke Corporation Digital Asset Management module07.04.01
DMX Category ShortlistShortlist of documents and hyperlinks in a a number of categories02.05.01
DMX Document ViewerThis addon shows DMX documents as html01.08.00
DMX Gallery moduleUse this module to view the content of Document Exchange as a gallery01.04.00
DMX LetterBoxSimple upload module for Document Exchange.01.03.00
DMX ShortlistShortlist of documents and hyperlinks in a single collection02.04.00
DMX What's NewList of new and changed items in the document exhange02.03.01
DNAiusOriginalHoverEffectsAwesome Gallery Series - Roll Over Effects module01.00.02
DNNMasters UDM DetailView DNNMasters User Directory Manager Detail View displays profile details for user selected in Grid or Directory View. 05.00.15
DNNMasters UDM DirectoryView DNNMasters User Directory Manager Directory View shows the users in a configurable "Directory" layout. 05.00.15
DNNMasters UDM GridView DNNMasters User Directory Manager is an advanced module that displays directory of portal users. The module allows selecting profile fields for display, filtering members list by roles, sorting by any column and custom searches. 05.00.15
DNNMasters UDM Search DNNMasters User Directory Manager Search. 05.00.15
DNNMasters UDM SearchResult DNNMasters User Directory Manager SearchResult. 05.00.15
DNNMasters UDM UserEdit This module allows editing user account data and user profile data. 05.00.15
DNNQAA DotNetNuke Questions and Answers module.01.01.01
DNNSmart.EffectCollectionThis is an integration of all image effect, including Banner, Slider Show, Rotate, Cycle, gallery and so on. Support Email: <a href="" title="Email"></a> Our Site: <a target="_blank" href="" title="Email"></a>03.09.00
Document ExchangeThe Document Exchange allows you to securely store documents anywhere and organize them with DNN. You can finely tune permissions, display, and approval.06.01.00
DocumentsThis module renders a list of documents, including links to browse or download the document. Documents includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the information about the Documents (for example, a friendly title) stored in the SQL database. 05.00.00
DotNetNuke Client Capability ProviderDevice Detection / Client Capability Provider07.04.01
Dream SliderDream Slider is a powerful slider made for web designers. With Dream Slider, you can display any type of web content into an eye-catching and user-friendly slider.01.00.05
DZ_ImageCarouselThis is a continuous jQuery based image carousel. This simple to use module will help you to add auto rotating images, logos, portfolios on your DotNetNuke portals. 02.00.00
EasyDNNGalleryEasyDNNGallery Web: Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com06.04.05
EasyDNNMailChimpEasyDNNMailChimp web: info: support@easydnnsolutions.com03.06.00
EasyDNNnews EasyDNNnews module Web: Info: 07.00.01
EasyDNNnews Calendar EasyDNNnews Calendar module Web: Info: 07.00.01
EasyDNNnews Categories Menu EasyDNNnews Categories Menu module. Web: Info: 07.00.01
EasyDNNnews Search Search module for the EasyDNNnews Web: Info: 07.00.01
EasyDNNnews TagCloud EasyDNNnews TagCloud module Web: Info: 07.00.01
EasyDNNnews WidgetsEasyDNNnews Widgets module Web: Info: support@easydnnsolutions.com07.00.01
EasyLoginA EasyLogin module01.00.00
EasyModEasyMod By DrNuke - Using EasyMod you can configure the look of EasyMod compatible skins.01.00.06
Engage: SurveyThe DotNetNuke Survey module by Engage Software (
EventsThis module renders single and recurring events and includes Master and Sub Calendars with Event Rollup, TimeZone Adjustment, Event Enrollment, and Event Notification.05.02.01
Expasys DocumentsThis is document storage for DotNetNuke 6.1.4 and higher. You can download different document files into the module and than site guests would be able to download and explore them. Rrequires .NET Framework
Expasys Skin SelectorExpasys Skin Selector01.00.00
Facebook ToolkitDo you want Facebook functionalities in your site? With this module you can add Facebook login and plugins to your site and take him to the next level with the millions of FB users, giving to your site a more rich experience. This module is very easy to setup and you can see the results in minutes01.00.00
Facebook WallMutant Technologies FacebookWall module01.00.01
FAQsFAQs allow you to manage a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding Answers.05.00.00
FeedbackFeedback allows visitors to send messages to the Administrator of the portal and in an associated module, display published certain feedback or comment items after they have been approved for publication.06.03.00
Form and ListCreate a simple form or a view of repetitive and simple data.06.00.01
Form Master 2008Form Master 2008 is an input form creation Module which allows for quick setup, reporting and downloading of collected data.02.02.01
ForumThe core forum module for DotNetNuke.05.00.03
Google AnalyticsConfigure portal Google Analytics settings.07.01.00
Google Analytics ProfessionalDotNetNuke Professional Google Analytics Module.07.03.03
GuestbookA basic guestbook module allowing users to leave comments on your website03.05.00
Guestbook ProGuestbook functionality for your DotNetNuke 4/5 portal04.06.00
HelpThe Help Module renders tutorials in a structured manner and allows for easy navigation of the tutorials.03.00.02
HTMLThis module renders a block of HTML or Text content. The Html/Text module allows authorized users to edit the content either inline or in a separate administration page. Optional tokens can be used that get replaced dynamically during display. All versions of content are stored in the database including the ability to rollback to an older version.07.04.01
IFrameThe HTML iframe creates an inline frame that contains another document, which can be located on your or any other site.04.04.00
Inventua - FlashPlayerInventua Flash Player05.00.01
iWebs - AnalyticsReportAnalyticsReport Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.06.06
iWebs - AnnounceITAnnounceIT Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.05.02
iWebs - Bulk EmailerBulk Emailer Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.05.66
iWebs - BulkEmailOptInBulk Emailer OptIn Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>45.05.15
iWebs - Feedback DesignerFeedbackDesigner Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.05.40
iWebs - Silverlight Video LibrarySilverlightVideoLibrary Module By <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.06.21
iWebs - SilverlightMediaPlayerSilverlightMediaPlayer Module by <a href= target=new><b>InteractiveWebs</b></a>.45.05.02
JournalDotNetNuke Corporation Journal module07.04.01
Languages 07.01.00
LinksThis module renders a list of hyperlinks. Links includes an edit page, which allows authorized users to edit the Links data stored in the SQL database.06.02.01
ListsAllows you to edit common lists.07.01.00
Live AccordionLive Accordion is content management solution for DotNetNuke. You can show text/html, modules or combination of them within a pane. Support for Multilingual Content, Google Analytics Integration, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Theming, Effects, Permanent and Client Pane Links, Nested Panes, DNN Search Integration, and much more... 03.05.06
Live BlogLive Blog is the ultimate blogging module for DotNetNuke. It has all the essential blogging features in addition to multi-author support, advanced comment system, flexible feeds generator, search engine optimized, and integration with many services such as Disqus, Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Feedsburner, and Live Writer01.02.00
Live Blog WidgetLive Blog is the ultimate blogging module for DotNetNuke. It has all the essential blogging features in addition to multi-author support, advanced comment system, flexible feeds generator, search engine optimized, and integration with many services such as Disqus, Akismet, Google ReCaptcha, Feedsburner, and Live Writer01.02.00
Live ContentLive Content is ultimate content presentation solution for DotNetNuke. It can show Pictures, Videos, DNN Modules, Audio, Content, Flash, and External Content. Supports Multilingual Content, AJAX Uploads, Automatic Video Encoding, Automatic Thumbnails, Dynamic Image Resizing, Themes, Templates, and more... Integrated with YouTube, Amazon S3, and Google Analytics. W3C xHTML Validated.03.04.04
Live Content CloudAuxillary module for Live Content which creates Tags Cloud.03.00.00
Live Content SlideShowAuxillary module for Live Content which creates flash based SlideShow.03.00.00
Live GalleryLive Gallery uses the latest technologies to create a simple Image Gallery. Supports Amazon S3, Unlimited Nested Albums, Drag-n-Drop Sorting, AJAX Uploads, RSS Feeds, Dynamic Image Resizing, Automatic Thumbnails, Paging, Sorting and much more.02.02.04
Live ImagesGive life to your images! Live Images is a simple, unobtrusive module used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup...simply drop the module on a page and it will automatically convert your image links to use lightbox effect02.01.00
Live RotatorRotate Images or virtually any HTML Content to create slideshows, banners, presentations, and more. Includes intuitive designer, many transitions, template support (Themes), and integration with our Live Content & Live Gallery modules. Author your own SQL Queries to build the rotator from your own data02.00.01
Live Tabs Live Tabs is ultimate tabbed interface solution for DotNetNuke. Create tabs from HTML Content, DNN modules, RSS Feeds, or SQL Queries. Supports Multilingual Content, Tab Permissions, Google Analytics Integration, Search Engine Optimized (SEO), Themes, Nested Tabs, and more... 04.01.00
Live TooltipLive Tooltip is the most comprehensive tooltip module for DotNetNuke platform. Create tooltips with any html content. Supports Portal Tooltip, Effects, Speech Bubble Tips, Custom Styling, Form Elements, Image Maps, and much more... 02.00.00
Live WrapperWrap not only Modules but Videos, Audio, Content, Flash, Snippets, and Frames (External Content). Break free from your skin's panes limitation and create flexible layouts with multilingual content.02.00.00
Log ViewerAllows you to view log entries for portal events.07.01.00
Magic NewsA module to publish news to a website. News may be subscribed to by your visitors03.03.05
Magic News (Archive)A module to render an archived view of announcement items03.03.05
Magic News (Banners)A module to render banners for news modules03.03.05
Magic News (Category Browser)A module to render a list of categories for news modules03.03.05
Magic News (Subscriptionform)A module to render a subscription form for news modules03.03.05
MapThe core map module for DotNetNuke.01.00.09
Member DirectoryThe Member Directory module displays a list of Members based on role, profile property or relationship.07.04.01
Message CenterCore Messaging module allows users to message each other.07.04.01
My ModulesDisplay's the list of modules editable by the currently logged in user.07.03.03
NB_Store_BackOfficeNB_Store E-Commerce Module for DNN.02.03.08
NetismSatelliteNetism Satellite Extreme 1.9.4
News Feeds (RSS)News Feed allows you to aggregate a collection of syndicated news feeds in Rich Site Summary (RSS) format and render the results in a single sorted list.04.02.01
News SignUpThis module can be used as a signup form for newsletter etc. All data (first name, last name, email address and optional value) will be stored in the database for further use (i.e. MailChimp). Data can be exported into a CSV file. After sign up an email will be sent to admin and or subscriber.01.05.00
News UnsubscribeThis module allows users to unsubscribe after they signed up. User will be deleted from the database. After the user unsubscribed an email will be sent to an address you set up.01.05.00
NewslettersAdministrators can send bulk email to all users belonging to a particular Role.07.01.00
Onyak Portal SignUpPortal Sign-Up allows your users to create new sub-portals06.70.00
OnyakTech.DataViewImport, View and Edit Data Quickly. The OnyakTech Data Viewer Module makes working with data easy! For more DotNetNuke modules, support, or any questions, go to <b><a href=""></a>04.00.01
OnyakTech.H2OH2O is a custom forms module. For more DotNetNuke modules, support, or any questions, go to <b><a href=""></a>05.00.03
OnyakTech.H2O.FormsDesignerForms Designer for H2O. For more DotNetNuke modules, support, or any questions, go to <b><a href=""></a>05.00.00
OnyakTech.LibraryOnyakTech Library: Required install for all OnyakTech Software.
Orizonti_CommonOrizonti Common - Common functionality shared across Orizonti modules. Should not be instantiated in content regions.01.00.00
Orizonti_NukeNewsOrizonti NukeNews - News module for display news articles. Includes automatic archiving and category sorting.02.01.07
Page ProtectionPage Protection protects your DNN content by offering multiple layers of protection. Featuers include: disabling right click, disabling text selection for copy and paste, and html source code obfuscation. It's flexible: use any feature in any combination. Disable right click on images only or entire page. Disable text selection within a certain area or entire page. 02.03.00
PagesAdministrators can manage the Pages within the portal. This module allows you to create a new page, modify an existing page, delete pages, change the page order, and change the hierarchical page level.07.01.00
Portal VisitorsPortal Visitors01.03.00
PowerLinksPowerLinks module allows you to create a links table by (n) columns and assign roles to the links.03.00.00
Razor HostThe Razor Host module allows developers to host Razor Scripts.07.04.01
Recycle BinThe Recycle Bin provides an interface for restoring or permanently deleting Tabs and Modules.07.01.00
Reports The Reports Module allows users to quickly display data retrieved from many data sources. An extensible architecture allows the use of custom Data Sources and Visualization systems to display data from any tabular data source, in many ways. 05.05.00
RepositoryA file/object repository module that includes skinning and community features like comments and user ratings.03.05.04
Repository Dashboard 03.05.04
Search ResultsThe Search Results module displays search results.07.01.00
SecurityAnalyzerSecurityAnalyzer module01.00.00
Site LogAdministrators can view the details of visitors using their portal. There are a variety of reports available to display information regarding site usage, membership, and volumes.07.01.00
Site WizardThe Administrator can use this user-friendly wizard to set up the common features of the Portal/Site.07.01.00
Sitemap 07.01.00
Skins 07.01.00
Social GroupsDotNetNuke Corporation Social Groups module07.04.01
SQL Deluxe by Smoke RanchCreate and save parameterized queries, build interactive reports, etc.01.04.02
Store AccountThe Store Account module provides customer account, cart and checkout functionality.02.01.36
Store AdminThe Store Admin module provides the administration interface for the Store.02.01.36
Store CatalogThe Store Catalog module provides product lists and product detail functionality.02.01.36
Store MenuThe Store Menu module provides the menu containing product categories.02.01.36
Store Mini CartThe Store Mini-Cart module provides the small summary of the customer's cart items.02.01.36
Supersized slideshowSupersized - a fullscreen background slideshow.01.01.00
SurveySurvey allows you to create custom surveys to obtain public feedback04.70.00
Taxonomy ManagerAdministrators can manage the Taxonomy for their site.07.04.01
Tune UpTune Up is a small but incredibly effective maintenance tool for DotNetNuke. This module reduces the database size as much as possible and considerably enhances the performance of DotNetNuke.01.00.02
Twitter Toolkit Do you want Twitter functionalities in your site? With this module you can add Twitter login, widgets and buttons to your site and take it to the next level with millions of users, giving to your site a more rich experience. This module is very easy to setup and you can see the results in minutes 01.00.00
Ultra Media Gallery<a href="" target="_blank">Ultra Media Gallery</a> is the most popular gallery module for DotNetNuke, You can use it to build professional photo galleries or media galleries with 20+ customizable flash and html players.09.03.06
UMG-CalendarShow media of an existing gallery on a monthly calendar.09.00.00
UMG-FreeContentListShow latest media or albums of a existing gallery.09.00.00
UMG-JournalBridgeThis module can only be used together with DNN Journal module, it dynamically creates a link to UMG for images of your journal list.09.00.00
UMG-MapShow media on Google maps, users can click a marker to see media in lightbox window.09.00.00
UMG-PhotoCalendarThis module generates a day or month calendar view for your photos.08.00.00
UMG-PurchasedItemsThis module allows your visitors to download purchased items.08.00.00
UMG-RateThis module must be used together with the flash presentation of the main module, it shows the basic information of the current photo and allows you to rate it.08.00.00
UMG-ResponseThis module must be used together with the flash presentation of the main module, it shows the responses of the current photo and allows you to post new.08.00.00
UMG-SearchSearch media by keywords or tags.09.00.00
UMG-ShoppingCartPurchase and download "Raw Files" attached to each media, this module can only be used together with Ultra Media Gallery module.09.00.00
UMG-SocialDiggerThis module can be used together with user profile or social group profile, media of current user, or media of current group members, can be displayed with a UMG interface.09.00.00
UMG-TagListThis module generates tag cloud for an UMG gallery.09.00.00
User SwitcherThe DotNetNuke User Switcher module allows the Host to impersonate any user in the current site.07.03.03
userlijst 01.00.00
Users And RolesAdministrators can manage the security roles defined for their portal. The module allows you to add new security roles, modify existing security roles, delete security roles, and manage the users assigned to security roles.07.01.00
UsersOnlineUsers Online allows you to see who is online in your portal, and see membership counts05.01.00
UVG_ActiveUsersRenders a list of most active users in a period06.00.00
UVG_AddVideoAdd new videos to a UVG library06.00.04
UVG_CategoryListManage video categories in specific library06.00.00
UVG_CategoryListNestedDisplay video categories in nested hierarchy04.00.00
UVG_CommercialManage all 4 kinds of commercials in a portal06.00.00
UVG_CompactPlayerPlay a fixed or dynamic video in specefic library with compact interface06.00.00
UVG_FreeSeriesListDisplay an incomplete series list with various sort options06.00.00
UVG_FreeVideoListDisplay an incomplete video list with various sort options06.00.00
UVG_MediaCenterBeside the traditional UVG_VideoList + UVG_VideoPlayer implementation, this module allows you to build a video gallery of specific set of videos in single page06.00.00
UVG_MySeriesManage video serieses created by current user04.00.00
UVG_MyVideosNormal users can use it to manage videos of himself or herself, while managers can use it to manage all videos06.00.00
UVG_PendingVideosThis module allows video managers to approve or reject pending videos06.00.00
UVG_QueueInspectorThis module allows you to monitor and control the video encoding queue06.00.00
UVG_SearchInputSubmit a search to a given search results module, the search is displayed in a UVG_VideoList module.04.00.00
UVG_Setup<span class='Head'>Start Here</span>. Use this module to setup UVG and config it06.00.00
UVG_SimpleVideoListThis module displays all videos in chosen library in a text-only layout06.00.00
UVG_SocialDiggerWhen used together with user profile, videos of current user are displayed, when used together with social group profile, videos of all member of current group are displayed.06.00.00
UVG_TagListDisplay a list of video tags in specific library, the maximum number is limited to 25006.00.00
UVG_VideoInfoDisplay other information of the video being played, must be used together with UVG_VideoPlayer06.00.00
UVG_VideoListThe main listing module, which allows you to browse and search videos in specific library06.00.00
UVG_VideoPlayerDisplay an incomplete video list with various sort options06.00.00
UVG_WatchHistoryDisplay a list of latest watched videos, must be used together with UVG_VideoPlayer06.00.00
VendorsAdministrators can manage the Vendors and Banners associated to the portal. This module allows you to add a new vendor, modify an existing vendor, and delete a vendor.07.01.00
ViewProfile 07.01.00
WatchersNET - SiteMap <p><strong>WatchersNET.SiteMap - A Modern SiteMap / TreeView</strong></p> <p>Back in the old days, almost every website had a sitemap where they listed out all the pages. The purpose of the sitemap is to help visitors and search engine spiders to find information on the site. </p> <p>Now, a lot of modern websites have dropped the sitemap page, instead they place the sitemap in the footer area. </p> <p>This Module creates such an SiteMap which automatically builds a site map based on the visitor's authorized permission level, you can define which Tabs schould be shown and which not. Also the Tab Icons can be displayed.</p> 01.03.05
Webplus TimerAn easy-to-use timer/countdown01.02.00
WikiThe DotNetNuke Wiki module, more information available at www.dotnetnuke.com04.05.00
WSC_BannerNew SlideMe Banner DNN Module by WebSitesCreative gives you easy way to add banners or sliders to your website. Plenty of transition effects and themes are available by default and more is coming soon!01.05.04
WSC_CommentItCommentIt module is a Blog, News and Articles all-in-one engine. It allows you to create and manage posts, news or articles (and much more) fast and easy way. CommentIt has no confusing interface, so everything is clear and user friendly. The structure and URLs are SEO friendly. Module is easy to skin and modify according your needs and has built-in social bookmarking.01.00.01
WSC_PostITPostIT module is a Blog, News and Articles all-in-one engine. It allows you to create and manage posts, news or articles (and much more) fast and easy way. PostIT has no confusing interface, so everything is clear and user friendly. The structure and URLs are SEO friendly. Module is easy to skin and modify according your needs and has built-in social bookmarking and comments.01.05.02
WSC_PostIT_ArchiveA PostItArchive module01.05.02
WSC_PostIT_FeedA PostItFeed module01.05.02
WSC_PostIT_TagsA PostItTags module01.05.02
WSC_StyleSwitcherNew Style Switcher DNN Module by WebSitesCreative gives you easy way to change style of your WebSitesCreative skin.01.01.00
Xml Module The DotNetNuke Xml module queries Data as XML and renders it.06.00.01
XModProEnables you to build custom data entry forms and displays along with custom feeds using SQL statements and stored procedures along with your own HTML, Javascript, CSS, and easy to use XMod Pro tokens and tags04.02.00
XModPro FormViewEnables standalone display of XModPro forms.04.02.00
Yahoo Media PlayerA revolutionary and easy to use music player that plays audio on your website.01.00.00